Smashed Sweet Potatoes

When you do not own an actual masher but a fork and a spoon ladle waits with abated utensil breath, you get smashed potatoes. I must say, smashing is great fun. I think I know why most people keep so many potatoes on hand: You get a facial when the steam rises, peace of mind knowing easily and exactly when the potatoes are ready to smash*, and a feeling of complete and utter satisfaction when they have been sufficiently smashed. Ahhh.

Smashed Sweet Potatoes

2 lbs sweet potatoes, rinsed and chunked
1 c milk
1/2 t curry powder
Salt and pepper, to taste

After rinsing and chunking the potatoes, put the potatoes and water on to boil. Boil for a good little while until the potatoes are fork tender* (just until they can easily be poked through with a fork. Easy!). Drain.

Return to the pan. Smash sufficiently. Add the milk, and stir/smash into the potatoes. Add spice, and stir to combine.

That’s it. Delicious. Exciting. Easy. Really, really easy.

And!! Look at me! Using curry. Just a little, but it gives a really good flavor to help the sweet potatoes.


5 Comments to “Smashed Sweet Potatoes”

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  3. Thanks for the constructive feedback, guys. I’ll make sure to include more photos from here on out.

  4. Hey, sounds like an interesting recipe….but you know how I feel about curry….obviously since you commented on it. Love you.

  5. I’m a big fan of smashed sweet potatoes!! I have never actually cooked any sort of sweet potato myself, but I am learning to love them in various forms & always open to suggestions.

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