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October 26, 2010

Picture of the Week

For days, I have been sick. Completely lame-o sick. In bed all day. Not necessarily asleep, but I enter a limbo world where I’m half asleepish and then I get up, slump around a bit and then find myself too tired to finish whatever task I started only to go right back to bed.¬†Then, more often than naught, I wake myself up by coughing. And not just cou- cough, ‘scuse me! But body-wrenching, heart pounding coughing that reaches deep down to my ankles.

I have not been in the kitchen unless I’ve been putting water to boil for tea, heating up soup (yes, from a can), or retrieving more saltines.

Oh, what’s that?

Getting better requires many and varied ingredients. Luckily for me the BFCP knows all about the powers of the doughnut.

So, here you have it. I’ll get better; promise. I’ll make food again. I’ll speak again. My voice¬†is getting stronger, until I talk.

M&Ms are like medicine.

What? M&Ms are like medicine, right??