At the end of the year, a lot happened. A lot.

Successes in baking::

Cookies for Christmas.

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies


Successes in craftery::

Felt Flowers.

I’ve also had some failures::

Ugh. I worked so hard on these!!! I froze the butter, made the dough, formed the dough into a ball, refrigerated it for a long time, formed into crackers, refrigerated it for longer, and finally got to bake them. Then. THEN baked them too long. Ugh. What a mess.


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One Comment to “Review”

  1. i plan to make white chocolate macadamia cookies chocolate chip cookies oatmeal chocolate banana cookies and chocolate walnut biscotti. when i bake the cookies do i have to bring the dough to room temperature? And a lot of other ones that work better if theyre cold even though the recipe doesnt say so…Honestly though by the time you portion them out into cookies theyre so small that they warm up pretty quickly.

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