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November 13, 2011


In any endeavor one pursues and hopes to grow from, one should expect learning opportunities, bumps, and disasters. Trying to make this bread helped me realize how much I’ve grown in every other area save for bread making. I think I need new yeast. I used lots of patience this time, trying to wait for something, anything to happen with my dough. Rise, dough, rise. I encouraged, to no avail. Maybe it rose and I’m not remembering the original size very well. I will try to bake it, and maybe, just maybe the lump of elasticky dough will react with the warmth of the oven. No, no, no.

For a loaf that began its life with so much promise– so much delicious, orange-zest-filled, chocolatey goodness, this loaf didn’t rise to the occasion. And I realize it is not entirely the loaves fault. I, the baker, take full responsibility for this baking endeavor becoming heft for my trash bag. What’s the trick with bread???? As soon as I find out, I’m happy to share. Happy to teach. Happier still to learn and eat my own bread.

One day, when I learn me some bread baking skills, I will share this recipe with you. Until then, I will just show you that I can go on. I can create Food. That is Edible. And delicious. Despite specific setbacks and tribulations.

There will be bread. Someday. In the future. I’m sure of it. There has to be. Until then, I will continue to either support my local (well-loved) bakeries or go without bread. It’s not so torturous, really. But it is motivation to face my worthy opponent, my windmills.


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